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ManUnited vs Newcastle -video


Wall by: ErikaDenise Video by:Ronid

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  • next cool photo!1thanks for pic and video !!

    By Blogger amanda, at 2:02 PM  

  • He is so hot<3<3<3 Check out my site

    By Anonymous Eline, at 2:55 PM  

  • He is so GOOD! He has an extraordinary body!!!!!!!!!! Oh my GOD i love this guy.

    By Anonymous georgy, at 3:46 PM  

  • i can't download this video, have you an other link please? thank you

    By Anonymous Anonyme, at 4:32 PM  

  • troppo bello il sito che avete fatto su cristi, continuate così.

    By Anonymous Ronid, at 4:36 PM  

  • cristiano ronaldo e merche romero vão casar-se? se sim eu sou muito contente !!!!!

    By Anonymous vamal, at 6:43 PM  

  • gostei mesmo mt de o ver no jogo!!
    sempre lindo!!
    adorei ve-lo!!
    beijinhos fofos

    By Anonymous Raquel, at 7:50 PM  

  • To the anonymous who put here the suposed new merche romero site:
    - We have given all the information about your site to Merche Romero laywer and a legal investigation and procedure will be taken against you if you don't remove definitively the site from the net, cause some moral and cheap ofenses are not allowed, if you don't know that.

    And if you this with any other person, we will do the same thing.

    A little more respect would be nice.

    Just for your information.

    By Blogger Ronaldonews_team, at 11:13 PM  

  • I think its sad that people feel the need to say some of the things that are posted on the site...ok you dont like the fact that Cristiano MIGHT be dating but so far all that has been said are rumours. If they were dating and hes happy then everyone should be happy for him...just my opinio anyways

    Leanne xx

    By Anonymous Leanne, at 5:19 PM  

  • yes you are right leanne but merche romero is 30 years old...9 years older than cristiano ronaldo is!!! and she has a boyfriend already and they are dating for sure!!!

    By Anonymous Anonyme, at 7:11 PM  

  • they do that they want!! and the important is they love us!(i'm sorry for the mistakes i'm french lol)

    By Anonymous Anonyme, at 8:02 PM  

  • well if she already has a boyfriend then theres even more reason 4 people 2 stop calling her the names that they are. its up 2 him, her or them when they confirm or deny any rumours. I'm happy 4 him either way, what ever makes him happy and helps him professionally and personally. I wish the best of luck 2 him in what he chooses 2 do.


    By Anonymous Leanne, at 8:14 AM  

  • continua assim o teu site e genial
    força portugal

    By Anonymous zaldinho, at 9:48 AM  

  • I can`t belive it is got so far with all this merche romero stuff...c`mon people leave her alone !!! leave ronaldo`s private life alone !!!

    By Anonymous Dana, at 4:05 PM  

  • i totally agree Dana

    some of the things i have read thats people say about her a not needed


    By Anonymous Leanne, at 4:11 PM  

  • thx leanne I hope Ronaldonws_team will do something about this ;)

    By Anonymous Dana, at 5:15 PM  

  • haha like what ?? :P


    By Anonymous Leanne, at 5:21 PM  

  • ;;) don`t know 4 sure... anything to stop this crab...for me if ronaldo is happy I am happy to :D:D

    By Anonymous Dana, at 6:37 PM  

  • yea me 2 a happy Ronaldo makes me a happy fan lol

    thats what i think newayz...if it makes him happy must be good

    haha we having our own convo


    By Anonymous Leanne, at 9:13 PM  

  • hi

    By Anonymous Anonyme, at 2:03 PM  

  • hi

    By Anonymous Anonyme, at 2:03 PM  

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