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Treino 18/08/2006

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  • E ai Cristiano!
    Agora é pra valer né?
    E então boa sorte e bom trabalho.Tenho certeza que seu desempenho vai sair ótimo e que os torcedores do Manchester ja estao esquecendo o pequeno mal entendido que aconteceu no Mundial!
    Desta vez eu sinto que você vai ganhar a aposta com o treinador!
    Bola pra frente e arrasa!
    Beijokinhas brasileiras!

    By Blogger Patrícia, at 8:35 PM  

  • ola Cristiano,awwww!!!! you even look cute when you are training you are so adorable.I like that picture of you and Rooney looking towards the camera, you guys look so cute.I saw an interview with you on youtube it was so funny I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of my seat,the interviewer asked you about your confidence on the field and you had no idea what he ment by confidence that was so cute, your such a sweatheart and so funny I also wanted to mention that I had found that very amusing. I heard that you don't like the cold much well I hope your keeping warm. Boston is not so warm in the fall either so I'm used to it. This year is sopposdly going to be the coldest year ever. So I hope watching your games on tv keeps me warm with anticipation. Good luck to you and your team. I wish I could meet the team it would be so cool. If there is anyway that I could see you guys can you email me at If you can't its cool I just thought it would be worth a try. LUV SEMI

    By Blogger SemiCristiano, at 6:10 AM  

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